Norms come cheap

We had a brief discussion today about when exactly the norm on a vector space is induced by an inner product, that was left unresolved. The following Wikipedia article treats the question well enough, for those who care:

Tl;dr the answer is almost never – most norms you can think of are not born of an inner product.

This is quite an important fact I think, particularly in infinite dimensions where Hilbert spaces have a richer algebraic structure than their lesser counterparts, Banach spaces. For example this natural isomorphism we discussed, between a vector space and it’s double dual still ‘works’ for a Hilbert space (sort of – we distinguish between the algebraic dual and the continuous or topological dual of an infinite dimensional topological vector space, and I’m talking here about the latter), but one can only say in general that a Banach space is contained in it’s double dual.

For those wanting to learn more about homeopathy, the ‘doctor’ has you covered:

Also, would it be possible for someone to upload our speaking schedule for the coming weeks? Thank you!

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