Future talk Schedule

Hey guys,

Sorry this is coming through a bit late, been a crazy week!

The talk schedule which was decided on Wednesday afternoon is as follows:

  1. Reuben, Intro to Lie algebra, nilpotent and solvable (Serre 1, FH 9.1,9.2)
  2. Chris, Semi-simple Lie algebras (Serre 2, FH 9.3,9.4)
  3. Pat, Lie algebras of dim 1,2,3 (FH 10)
  4. Stephen, Rep theory of sl(2,C) (Serre 4, FH 11)
  5. Reuben, Cartan Subalgebras (Serre 3, FH 14 & App. D)
  6. Mitchell, Root Systems I (Serre 5, FH 21)
  7. Jackson, Structure of semi-simple Lie algebras
  8. Alex, Reps of semi-simple Lie algebras

That covers the talks that should take us to the end of the course. Other things that were mentioned on Wednesday were that the midterm would assess questions on reps of finite groups, and then the final project would be about Lie algebras.

(edit 26/3: Swapped Reuben and Alex)


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